Smart Metering & Monitoring Systems for Water and Energy Conservation

AEW partnered with UTILITY SENTRY USA for the entire Middle East to provide Smart Metering & Monitoring Systems for Water , Electricity and Gas.

Utility Sentry is a new service designed to save both our natural resources as well as save you and your clients money. Undetected, utility issues can increase your daily usage by as much as 1,000% and can go unnoticed for months! It’s an unfortunate and unnecessary expense most people have experienced at some point. 

Utility Sentry is a low-cost, web-based service that monitors and displays your daily usage of water, gas, and electric Sub-metered utilities in approximate 24 hour periods, based on the raw data and unit of measure gathered and stored by the collection equipment. We do this by utilizing your EXISTING sub metered system so the benefit to you is no proprietary equipment to purchase, essentially eliminating up front capital expense in almost all cases. Our new and unprecedented web application displays your usage giving you the ability to:

  • Monitor usage daily and effectively make changes to reduce your consumption
  • Set thresholds and receive daily email alerts when unit usage goes above that set threshold
  • Stop unintentional usage BEFORE it has a chance to accumulate
  • Potentially reduce your utility expenses by as much as 1000%
  • Help to conserve our valuable natural resources

The constant daily monitoring of your sub-metered utilities through Utility Sentry provides a previously non-existent advantage in understanding and controlling your utility costs, while alerting you to unknown losses or equipment issues in your sub-metered utilities. As a byproduct of using this service, you are able to increase your overall resident satisfaction and retention as well as helping to preserve our natural resources.

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