FRP/GRP Products

AEW Technic FZO provides FRP/GRP in alliance with the established manufactures for both recreational as well as industrial use. The products include flowing FRP-GRP profiles:

  • Cable management system
  • FRP/ GRP handrails and fencing
  • FRP/GRP ladders
  • FRP/ GRP cross arms
  • FRP/GRP gratings
  • Light poles and utility poles
  • Cooling tower solutions
  • FRP/GRP tanks
  • FRP/GRP canopies
  • FRP/GRP luminaries
  • FRP/GRP lining


The manufactures offers its users high quality advanced composite solutions and services which are extremely reliable to the core. The company also provides solution which includes conceptual design, prototype development, testing, manufacturing, logistic support, installation and comprehensive after sales service.