Pumps & Valves


AEW Represent PUMPSENSE Pumps in Middle East for HVAC Industry.

PUMPSENSE offers following ranges in Water industry.

  • Split Case Pumps (HS) - Single Stage
  • Split Case Pumps (HST) - Two Stage
  • Special Pump - Three Stage
  • Compact Split Case Pumps (CSC)                                 
  • NFPA Fire Pumps  (HF & EF)
  • Ship's Fire Pumps (FIFI Pumps)
  • ISO 2858 End Suction Pumps (ES)
  • Large End Section Pumps (ESL)
  • Sewage Pumps (SW)

Other Services:-

  • Retrofit Upgrade
  • Repair works and Installations

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AEW Represents TOMOE Butterfly Valves & PROTECH Valves for HVAC Industry in the entire Middle East.

TOMOE specializes in aluminum die Cast ButterlfyvalvesThe excellent performance of this material has already been proven in car engines operating underthe most severe conditions. ADC12 is light weight and super strong, made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and die-casted with epoxy baked coating.


Light weight
Anti-corrosive due to epoxy resin baking coating
Beautiful appearance
Cost merits

Protech Valves offer all the ranges as follows.
-    Materials of Construction
-    Cast Steel Gate Globe & Check
-    Forged Steel Gate,Globe& Check Valve
-    Plug Valve
-    Ball Valve
-    Butterfly Valve
-    Thermo Dynamic Steam Trap
-    Strainer
-    Safety Relief Valve
-    Cast Iron Gate,Globe& Check Valve
-    Wafer Type Swing Check Valve
-    Diaphragm Valve
-    Knife Gate Valve
-    Flange Dimensions

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