Thermal Energy Storage Tanks

AEW is in exclusive association with M/s Saville Energy USA for the complete design, supply,installation , testing & commissioning of TES Tanks for entire Middle East. The founder of M/s Saville Energy Mr. Paul M. Saville BSc. (Hon), C. Eng., M.I.Mech has more than 30 years of global project management and engineering experience in Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC), District Cooling, Low Temperature Refrigeration, District Energy, and Power Generation applications. AEW is associated with established large scale fabrication companies to install the TES tanks on site.

AEW Thermal Energy Storage (TES) chilled water storage tanks are constructed of steel and can be installed either above or below the ground.

With TES systems, chillers are used to generate and store stratified chilled water during the night and off-peak periods, when excess chiller capacity is available and electrical rates are lower. The chilled water is used during the day time peak cooling hours to supplement the chiller capacity